Recognised Agencies

ILNA (Indian Languages Newspapers Association)

Indian language newspapers get lot of advertising from small and medium-sized advertising agencies for their government and non-government clients. These agencies try to get accreditations but find it difficult. That is one of the many reasons that these agencies are not able to get many accounts as no one is able to certify their competence and stability.

ILNA will now provide “RECOGNISED” status to such agencies through the cooperation of its members so that these agencies can be run smoothly.
ILNA requests its members to deal with “RECOGNISED” agencies only.

ILNA will provide the certificate on annual basis to all “RECOGNISED” agencies to be used for private, government and semi-government clients.

ILNA will provide a platform for developing a healthy and professional relationship between agencies and their clients through publication members.

ILNA is confident that RECOGNISED agency will help language publications in getting their due share of advertising.
RECOGNISED agencies will be able to get government accounts on the basis of the certificate from ILNA.
Publishers too will give them special facilities.
In case of disputes between publishers and advertising agencies, ILNA members will be able to mediate and solve problems.
The process of granting status of RECOGNISED agency is easy and quick and most probably agencies will be able to get certificate within 8 weeks of application.