The Indian Languages Newpapers Association (ILNA) was formed on June 14, 1941, on the eve of the introduction of control on newprint during the Second World War.

The Largest democratic country - that's India. One of the largest populated countries, that's India. Different religions, different customs, different languages - that's India, the land of eternal beauty and diversity! With all these dissimilarities, the hearts of the people are one, their souls are one. A 'unique' unity in diversity!

Indian Languages Newspapers Association continues to serve language publishers from capital towns, small towns and even very small district towns and thus reaches to publishers in nooks and corners of the country. ILNA believes that the language publications can play a far greater role in defending democracy in the country and to rid it of corruption, nepotism and lawlessness. We are concerned that the governments are now patronising English media under the false notion that the decision makers know only English and language newspapers are not read by those influence. ILNA is determined to remove this myth.